CMS’s Commonsense Billing Change Welcomed as Victory for People with Diabetes

Diabetes Technology Access Coalition says new policy will reduce confusion and delays for needed supplies

WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 – Today’s CMS adjustments to the billing cycle of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) will alleviate confusion, frustration and delays for people with diabetes in need of care. 

Currently, the 30-day Medicare billing cycle of CGM supplies is misaligned with the 90-day supply quantity that beneficiaries receive. 

The Diabetes Technology Access Coalition (DTAC) praised CMS for this patient-centric fix that becomes effective January 1, 2024. 

Medicare is one of the only payers with a 30-day billing restriction on CGM supplies. This needed change will bring it into alignment with other payers and resolve billing issues, especially for those beneficiaries who may move in and out of Medicare Advantage plans, or individuals using automated insulin delivery systems that combine a CGM with an insulin pump. 

“This overdue change finally addresses the years of frustration and confusion beneficiaries encountered when receiving 90 days of supplies, but monthly bills,” said Tim Trysla, Executive Director of the Diabetes Technology Access Coalition. “More importantly this change provides peace of mind for patients and helps to ‘normalize’ their routines and schedules.” 

Karen Grishaber, representing Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes and the Board of Directors of the Diabetes Leadership Council, one of the founding members of DTAC, welcomed the news. “Diabetes requires care continuity, including reliable access to supplies for these lifesaving technologies. By removing this disruption point, CMS is making it simpler for CGM users to focus on their health rather than administrative hassles.”  


DTAC is a cross-industry group of diabetes stakeholders, collectively representing millions of Americans with diabetes, health care professionals who treat them, the manufacturers that develop diabetes technologies, and the suppliers who ensure people with diabetes have access to medically appropriate diabetes technologies. DTAC members include: Advanced Diabetes Supply, Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, Beyond Type 1, Dexcom, Diabetes Leadership Council, JDRF, The Helmsley Charitable Trust, Lifescan, Insulet, Tandem Diabetes Care, and Tidepool.